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See How A Grout Cleaning in Elmer, NJ Enhanced the Appearance of this Kitchen

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March 02, 2020

Much like every piece of furniture, hard surfaces are exposed to daily wear and tear. No matter how much they're cared for, the damage is unavoidable and there will come a time when hard surface restoration is needed. For most homeowners, one of the rooms in a home that often needs a little touch up is the kitchen. This is because they're high-traffic areas that are constantly exposed to spills and other harmful substances.

Kitchen Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Elmer, NJ
An Elmer resident recently contacted us because both of her kitchen countertops had become dingy. None of her cleaning attempts did anything to improve their appearance, so she decided it was best to seek professional help. Prior to searching online, she remembered her neighbor had recently hired a company to have one of her shower floors restored. When the homeowner asked her neighbor about it, the neighbor said they were called Sir Grout Central New Jersey; she claimed they were the best grout cleaning experts in Elmer, NJ. This prompted the homeowner to visit our website. After browsing the picture gallery depicting our previous jobs, she filled out the form to request a free evaluation and a quote.

On the day of the consultation, we visited the client's home to assess both surfaces. She quickly started telling us about the problems she had been facing. Both of the countertops in her kitchen had dirty tiles and discolored grout lines. Even though she regularly cleaned the surfaces, the damage they had suffered over time couldn't be remedied with a simple cleaning routine. For this reason, she went online and searched for homemade recipes containing vinegar because she thought they would be more effective. Unfortunately, this practice had the opposite effect to what she was expecting. Not only did it fail to keep the tiles clean, it also progressively broke down the grout and gave it a blackish tone.

Our client's attempts at cleaning her kitchen's surfaces ended up damaging them. Fortunately, it wasn't anything we couldn't solve. We assured her we could restore the countertops and ensure they remained in top condition with a three-step procedure. First, we would clean both surfaces and replace the damaged grout. Second, we would seal the grout lines with ColorSeal, our flagship sealant. Third, we would coat the tiles with our impregnating sealant, Tile Armor. Once she learned we could reverse the damage, the homeowner felt relieved. She agreed to the service and set up an appointment for the job.

Picture of a Grout Cleaning Service in Elmer, NJ
We went back to the customer's home a few days later to perform the service. We started by applying a non-toxic pH-neutral tile and grout cleaner to both surfaces. This cleaner also contains properties, making it the ideal cleaning solution for kitchen areas. We let the cleaner sit for a few minutes to facilitate the removal of the grime. Next, we used a high-speed scrubber to clean both counters. We paid special attention to the grout lines to ensure they were perfectly cleaned. When we finished cleaning, we scraped out the damaged grout and re-grouted the areas where it had been removed.

After we made sure the grout on both surfaces was in good shape, we began the sealing procedure. First, we filled the grout lines with ColorSeal. This is an acrylic-based sealant that is both waterproof and stainproof. By closing off the grout's pores, ColorSeal protects grout against spills, water, mold, and mildew. It also enhances the color of the grout and makes it easier to clean. Next, we coated the tiles with Tile Armor. On top of enhancing the overall appearance of the tiles, this sealant offers tile surfaces the same protective qualities of ColorSeal.

When we finished, the counters looked as good as new. The once worn out grout lines now had a color that matched the appearance of the tiles. The client was pleased with the results. She thanked us for a job well done and said she would recommend our services to her friends and family.

We gave the client some care tips before we left to help her prolong the lifespan of ColorSeal. First, we recommended cleaning the counters once a week using a pH-neutral cleaner like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. The best way to ensure both surfaces remain in top condition is by staying away from homemade recipes and abrasive cleaners. We also suggested wiping away spills as soon as they happened. Certain foods contain substances that can eat away at the grout lines, so it's best to keep the area clean.

Are your kitchen counters in need of a touch-up? We can do it for you. Here, at Sir Grout Central New Jersey, we have the necessary tools and expertise to guarantee top-of-the-line hard surface restoration services. Call us at (732) 551-3737 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page to schedule a free evaluation today. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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